Long before the human race there were the first ones. a race of beings who reach the apex of their evolutionary potential. they were majestic. they were beautiful. they were powerful. they understood the ways of the universe in ways we cannot even begin to imagine. Even here there was a divide. within this supremely educated race. some believe themselves to be the righteous hand of the universe, the gardeners in place to destroy the weeds and nurture the flowers, to keep the balance, to Shepard and guide the universe as a universe itself wanted, following a supreme path. However there were others. others who saw the universe as a place of chaos, of random possibility, where anything was possible. A playground for them use as they saw fit like children with an ant-farm. With some new races they shared knowledge, technology. With others they fought great wars, using them like pawns in a grand game of chess. Others they simply destroyed on a mere whim.
This direct influence was frowned upon by those who saw themselves as just and as the morally righteous and so began a war between the two sides of the divide. those who saw themselves as guardian shepherds and those who saw themselves as all-powerful grandmasters with nothing to stop them.

Deathless granted immortality


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