As a child a glowing green meteor fragment ricocheted up Lisa Graham’s nose, becoming lodged somewhere deep inside her brain. As she grew it’s effects did also, stunting her growth and altering her mood to a constantly happy one, regardless of any dire or morose situation. These unusual and inappropriate emotional responses scared her parents and resulted in her incarceration within a mental institution at an early age. There she was beaten and raped. Her abusers claiming “she likes it, she’s always smiling!” As she reached puberty her powers developed. Her inner moods became contagious, spreading to those around her while she maintained her seemingly happy demeanour. She also gained immense physical strength, easily jumping tall buildings and great distances, lifting and throwing heavy items and withstanding massive forces and of course escaping her institution with ease not before exacting brutal revenge on her attackers. She now views her powers as a gift and believes she must use them for good adopting the name Overjoy.


His origins are a tad gruesome being that his powers first manifested before his birth. Ian Crone, known now as Deadheat, burned his way out of his mothers womb. She, of course died and his father hung himself unable to cope with hating his son. His powers mean that he is constantly vibrating at immeasurable speed. This means he can travel at extremely high speeds and can vibrate through solid matter. As a byproduct he generates massive amounts of heat. Sadly this also makes human interaction problematic as touch causes burns and even communication is hard due to vibrating at a such high frequency. Slowing down his vibrations takes a great deal of effort and concentration. (something he once did simply to tell Wally West he “wouldn’t race a fucking queer”) Deadheat has a bad temper and has developed a general dislike of people. Deadheat wants to set the world on fire and watch it burn.


A genius level intellect (or so he claims) Saint has spent much of his life so far in hedonistic pursuits. He possesses powers of thought manipulation, telepathic blasts and,with some strain, telekinesis. He can convice anyone of nearly anything and thus lives a life of selfish pleasures without any care for the consequences. A man truly without guilt or conscience. However, most of his effort is actually used to restrain a violent demon he calls Sin, imprisoned inside him. Saint claims that without it he would infact be the most powerful telepath on the planet and it is true that his powers increase the more his leash on Sin loosens. The result of Sins rare escapes have always been truly catastrophic. It possesses Saint, in a horrific form and brings with it chaos and carnage. For example 9/11’s terrorist attack was infact a cover story used by the American government to utilise the results of a Sin attack in New York with telepaths convincing the world they “saw planes”. A plan, Saint claims, Charles Xavier conceived. He sees no personal benefit in joining the GLSFs at first but when a mysterious force offers to rid him of Sin if he does, the possibility of unrestrained power proves too tempting.

Mother & Father

Mysterious couple who have in fact orchestrated much of the GLSF’s lives. The meteor fragment was stolen from the Kent farm and fired at Overjoy by an expert sniper hired by the pair. Deadheat’s mother was systematically injected throughout her pregnancy resulting in his genetic mutations again at Mummy and Daddy’s instruction and at their command the demon Sin was bonded with Saint, the true source of his powers. Even the formation of the GLSF seems part of their plan. Mummy is a rather feminine man while Daddy is a butch woman. They have created many “children” over time though for what purpose remains unknown.

Lord Johan Hellborne

Mummy and Daddy’s first “child”. Horribly disfigured giving him the appearance of a demon with green skin and horns. Toxic blood. Shade dresses in a military Nazi-style uniform. He believes himself to be start of a new super-race and that humans are obsolete. Powers of super strength and agility, telepathy and pyrokinesis as well as great mastery of the occult. His end goal is to rule the world, kill most of humanity and enslave or transform the rest. He wishes to possess and control Sin. He also wants to destroy all his “siblings” as he views them all as inferior.

Plot Ideas

The Artic. A polar bear cub looks around lost. It’s mother and two siblings are a short distance away in the same patch of ice. It calls to it’s mother. Mother polar bear reaches out and calls back. Cub begins to make it’s way towards it’s family. A streak of red strikes across the ice between them, melting it and causing the pieces to drift apart. Deadheat is the streak. He smiles. Bastard.

Overjoy dons her costume montage style. She brawls with criminals. She brawls with powered villains. View from above as birds are disturbed by the bad guy she’s just launched into the sky with a swift kick to the groin. Newspaper headlines=Wholesome hero. Lovely smiley girl. Gossip rags=Mental Meteor Freak. Break up with “hulking hero” ends in broken jaw. Big S’s illegitimate daughter?

Saint doggy banging some hot celeb or teen starlet. She thinks he is her partner being rougher, bigger and better than ever before. Her partner walks in. Saint points his finger like a gun at him. WTF? Pulls trigger and mental bullet implodes inside his head. Chick freaks out. “Ye-ha!”

Saint holds back raging Sin from a doorway on a temporal desert plain, his arms becoming chains around the demons neck. Thunder and lightning rage. Saints mental plain is interrupted by know-it-all bald telepath. The distraction causes Sin to break free.
Sin/Saint stands between the Twin Towers. One arm fires beam of energy into first tower while other hand is charging a ball of energy for second tower. Mr X, plagued with guilt gets his telepathic buddies together to convince the world it was a terrorist attack. Extra firepower provided by floating defence base.

Daddy is a scientist working on Omega irradiating various animals to see effects. Snakes, spiders, scorpions etc. Mummy holds her newborn child lovingly. She lowers him into his cot. Daddy and Mummy look down at their baby boy with love. Daddy tips container of mutated animals into cot. Mummy closes and locks lid. Both still look down with smiles as animals begin to strike.

Mutated child is vicious. Green and horned.

Deadbeat causes a fire and sees Overjoy enter it to save people and exit, holding scorched corpses, unharmed. News reporter and crowd all ecstatically happy due to her powers. He becomes infatuated with her as she can withstand his heat. While following her he inadvertently helps foil a villain attack. He finds himself happy for the first time ever but runs away. Soon he feels withdrawal symptoms.


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