Some of my creative writing works.

The G.L.S.F. My graphic novel superhero pastiche based on some of my friends from touring days. So far just character and scene concepts. Looking to get some of my artistic contacts to do various one sheets soon too.

Jeremiah Novel My epic novel. Futuristic sci-fi with aliens and angels, demons and dimensions. Religion and Philosophy. Its all coming together if very very slowly. Just wee bits at the moment. Ideas to be linked together and characters to be incorporated. I’m envisioning a 3 story saga. EEK!

Cinderella: The Ugly Truth My vision for a future pantomime for my local drama group. Still in its early stages but the concept is an alternative look at the Cinderella story.

The Great and Terrible Oz! A return to Oz story finding the land at war and in ruins. The characters we met first time have grown and changed and a new band of adventurers seek the homes they once knew.


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