Jeremiah Hyde


A blog then eh?A blog with no followers.

So then talking to oneself really.  That’s somewhat slightly schizophrenic isn’t it?

Then there is the fact it is posted on the World Wide Web, accessible to all, implying the author thinks what they have to say is important enough that it should be read. Perhaps by the whole world, or at least some if it.

Now that’s rather narcissistic wouldn’t you say?

Posting words on the net is a way of shouting aloud where everyone can hear you and yet, where no one is listening.

A crowd of people with their headphones in. All shouting. Occasionally hearing a shout over their own incessant din that sounds interesting, amusing or different. Then they may follow that shout for a while toward its source until boredom sets in or another noise catches their ear and alters their direction.

Posting here also acts as a kind of peer review. Often harshly over critical as every moron and angry yob is given the same opportunity to voice opinion (or grunt) as is granted the intellectually competent few.

What is posted, is “out there”  for all to see. In plain sight, yet still hidden. One page in one book in a massive, universal and ever-growing library.

It is, however. linked back to me. It exists and my name is on it.  No longer private secrets locked safe in my head, it’s something more concrete and thus it can’t so easily be forgotten.

Or denied.

So what purpose do I envision my blog serving then?

The reasons many and varied:

  • First off, I have ideas and lots of them. Thoughts shooting around my mind, some have been trapped there for a very long time.

Thoughts on everything. Creative and political, religious and philosophical and a considerable lot more far less substantial.
But there in lies the problem; They nothing but mere thoughts and ideas, contained in my head and only in my head.

Here I hope my musings and flashes of inspiration will be captured and no longer lost and forgotten. I have a place to vent, to act as my soundboard and to help solidify all those pesky thoughts into something more rational and coherent. I can solidify them and document them, work on, develop and express them all. I can even get external opinion when required.

  • My darker side can voice itself too, and without restraint. Hyde can be unleashed! BEWARE! I am an angry man and Hyde is its purest form.
  • I have aims, goals and aspirations too. Some new, some old. Some long-term, some short. Plans and plots have been formulated and just as quickly postponed for quite some time. No longer!

It’s getting these plans actually in motion where I constantly fall down, however I’m getting older and am quickly realizing that if they are not realized soon, they may never be and I will stay exactly where I am; Earning low wages, living frivolous and hedonistic life but not chasing the dream or reaching any potential. My body is wasting and my mind growing slow from lack of use. I am achieving nothing of substance, not changing the world or leaving any considerable mark whatsoever.

That just will not do.
That will not do at all.

This blog will loom over me, waiting for updates on my progression and noting their absence. Reminding me the world is watching.

Well they’re not, but they could be.

So here we are, on the brink of blog, where I hope to track these varied plans, keep me on course and motivate me not to fail for if I do, it’s for all to see, point, snigger and tut-tut.

I will also post things that peak my interest or make me giggle. It’s not all gonna be serious and deep man, I promise!

Well I think that’s the general gist. More will be added, I have little doubt but that is quite enough talking to myself for now methinks.
Until next time then,


Jeremiah Hyde x


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